Turn Around

Synterest brings many years of US and UK executive management experience to turning
around the fortunes of hospitality businesses. 

Often, the most urgent priority is to rapidly improve the cash position of the business. 
Then multiple strategies are engaged to re-position and return the business to health.

 Synterest has experience in dealing with business at the bleakest point, delivering an honest consideration of the opportunities, negotiations with creditors and finding the routes to renewal.

Turn Around often requires deep change in culture, procedures and human resources.  Using various tools including lean management, process improvement and coaching and mentoring, we set the business on a new course to profitability and success.

Synterest's focus on the job in hand will deliver honest expertise and sustainable value
to teams needing a management injection of creativity and fresh thinking.


Generated over $8M cost savings through re-engineering of media and production purchasing processes as well as reallocation of resources within this deluxe North American hotel and resort chain

Eliminated extensive labour costs while improving data accuracy through restructuring of corporate financial reporting.